September 26, 2013

Greg Minier - Self Title (1990)

Gene: Metal

Member: - Greg Minier / Guitars, bass, drums, vocals

Label: R.E.X., 1990

1. Do Not Be Deceived (3:36)
2. The Skeptic (3:35)
3. Price (5:06)
4. Killing of the Innocent (3:22)
5. Prophecy (3:07)
6. Philosophy of Man (5:30)
7. The Secret Song (1:37)


Guardian – Live at Summerfest (1993)

Summerfest Flyer Ad

Time to share what I recorded in 1993 at Summerfest 93.. Great time i had many many years ago. The camp ground no longer does the summerfest. This is the only know audio recording of the show. I do remember someone video taping it. Would love to have a copy it.Sound board checks Pre-Show / Show(they had some issues with sound cutting out)

Location: Lisbon,Ohio (USA)
Type: MP3, 192k
Source: Tape
Time: 83 mins. 2 Parts
Size: 117MB
Audio: Mono . a little rough but very listenable
Tour: Miracle Mile


September 25, 2013

Prodigal -Discography- 1982-1985

Bitrate: 192k
Year: 1982
Gene: Pop / Rock

Track List:

01-Invisible Man
02-Easy Street
03-Fire with Fire
05-Want You Back Again
07-I Don't Know Who You Are
08-Need Somebody to Love
09-Busy Man
10-Hard Bargain
11-Prodigal (Part Two)


Bitrate: 192K
Year: 1984

Track List:

1. Scene of the Crime
2. Fast Forward
3. Masks
4. Just What I Need
5. Emerald City
6. Electric Eye
7. Bobby
8. Shout it Out
9. Neon
10. Boxes


Bitrate: 192k
Year: 1985

Track List:

1. Future Now
2. Push and Shove
3. Safety in Numbers
4. Answering Machine
5. Under the Gun
6. Jump Cut (Just Like Real Life)
7. Incommunicado
8. Next Big Thing
9. Burn it Up
10. The Big Sleep
11. Just Make Up Your Mine


September 15, 2013

My Music

Hello Folks.. Check out -Click Here- My Music

I have updated links,added some new tunes that were never released to the public until now.I really like to get back into making some more fun great tunes.When i get some idea's that will happen soon.. Until now just checkout some olders but goodies..

Thank you All for stopping by my blog..

September 8, 2013

Spectra - 2 Track Demo (1980s)

Year: 1980s?
Gene: Christian Glam Rock
bitrate: 128K
Location: Southern California

Band Members:
Rick Doucette drums,
Joe Doherty second guitar
Martin DeBourge screaming vocals and basic bass

Track List:

Lost and Lonely